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If you’re into cigars but need a break from all the review sites and forums and you just want the kind of laid back B.S. you’re used to hearing at the local cigar shops and neighborhood mancaves… then you’ve come to the right place.

Because as good as a cigar is on it’s own, it’s about the people, and the experience and the crazy ass stories you hear and tell.

To paraphrase many a cigar smoker, “cigars are the glue that bring us together, but it’s really about the people”.

And that’s what you’ll find here. The kind of talk and b.s. about cigars, coffee and just about anything else you might hear out at the shops or over at the neighborhood mancave.

It’s a bit like a ‘herf’ in print. A petite corona to be a more precise.

And you can get regular updates by leaving your details below, click the button and let me take care of the rest.

Once you’ve filled in your details and clicked the button you’ll get an email message asking you to confirm your email address. Nothing to it, it’s about as easy as cutting and lighting your favorite cigar.

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