262’sday later

Dropped the ball on sending out yesterday’s missive.

Would love to say I was so busy smoking a triple hat trick of 262’s Cigars that I forgot to send your daily dose of this nonsense… but… dropped the ball in that regard as well.

Heck, didn’t even smoke a cigar yesterday.

The horrors. No excuses. I know.

Moving on.

It’s hump day. Which, if you’re watching old reruns of the show “Roseanne”, the big man and that old hag will go bump uglies. Well, at least that’s what the show implied – Wednesday night was tango night for… i’ll stop there, and recommend a great brand of Mind Bleach.

It’s a mobile friendly site but don’t count on it being safe for work.

Gotta run, the stack on the desk at work is taller than the cuppa Papa New Guinea, but you’re gonna like some of the newest additions in the stack of stuff here at HQ.

More detail when I get the go-ahead.

Until then, stock up on 262’s et al from our good friends at Rippery Slock Cigars and if you think you’ll want some coffee called Espresso Monkey, let me know.

Sir Moose
Roasting coffee like a boss

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