8 quarts of fluff

Spent an hour or so down at the coffee shop yesterday.

Had to start cleaning up the new (to us) toy so we can get it all hooked up and start experimenting with new coffee blends.

If you’ve ever been to Whole Foods, you might’ve seen this kind of coffee roaster – or more likely, a newer model of it.

Either way, this thing’s gonna make for a fun step up from the stovetop setup I use at HQ. Of many advantages will be the temperature controls for air and bean temps; and roast volume – limited to a pound here at HQ but this beast will do up to 5# at a time.

Which leads to the surprise i found yesterday while cleaning up some of the stainless.

Was looking at all the piping, parts etc… and opened up what looked to be the chaff collector.

was right about that.

Was a tad surprised to see at least 8 quarts of golden colored chaff still in there.

Who’s that comedian they call ‘Fluffy’?

Enrique or something? Anyways, there was a throw-pillow worth of fluff in the hopper.

Added bonus? Still smelled of good coffee. Faint. But a nice aroma.

know what else smells good?

a freshly lit 262 Cigars Ideology . They (and the rest of the 262 line) taste extra delish on 262’sdays.

Smoke’m if ya got’m.

And if you don’t… head over to Slippery Rock Cigars and getcha some. If you’re really lazy, have Joe ship them to you.

Gotta go; cup of kenyan is getting cold.

Long ashes,

p.s. quick google search says that comic’s name is NOT Enrique; must’ve been the gold color of that coffee chaff making me think of colors of the 1502 Cigars line, but anyways, the comic’s name is Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias.

Cheers. Get outta here. Go herf.

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