Four seasons of wtf

Ever the jokester, momma nature pulled no punches these past weeks.

From a veritable sh!tstorm last weekend to 40* swings, back down to -9ish and up again…

ya get the idea, no?

This weekend, with temps aiming at 50*+ i dare say it’s the start of outdoor smoking season.

Jackets optional for the more insulated herfers among us. I’ll be digging up an old hoodie and digging up a trusty little ashtray that got forgotten on the cigar porch last fall.

No, it wasn’t a Rudy. I never lucked out for one of those but it’s still a prized little thing I got from Joe over at Slippery Rock Ceegars.

Speaking of the cigar porch. Just 20 yards below it is a small creek that’s gonna be haulin’ ass pretty soon. I’m on a hill but the creek is fed by the field across from me and the fields further up the hill.

It’s not exactly whitewater kayaking material – unless you’re a screwy squirrel – but it’s cool background sounds to cigar or two next week.

Gotta go, plenty of writing and coffee drinking still to do before we cut outta here for the weekend.

Don’t forget, it’s Freako Friday at Cigars Rock Slippery.

and spring ahead too. Groggy monday be on the horizon with the clocks moving ahead an hour this weekend. Yeah, I know, it’ll make mornings suck for a couple days but it’ll give us 9-5’ers some more evening daylight for cigars outside.

Sir Moose
Chief Broken Ear, and Kayak instructor extraordinaire*

* truth. well, except for the chief part. And one of these day’s I’ll have me a cigar while out on the kayak.

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