General Lee’s great-nephew once removed

There’s a small car lot just a short drive away from the desk here at HQ.

Heck, there’s a small city of car dealers a little past that but anyways the small lot…

They’ve got a dark red Challenger on the proverbial pedestal. I think it’s one of the earlier models but the point is, i wanna testdrive that bugger.

Not because i like Chrustler or Dodge (which I DON’T) but because it does resemble the General Lee.

A la Dukes of Hazzard.

It may look a helluva lot better than it drives but i’m optimistic.

Bonus if a hot chick (or two) is riding along in a pair Daisy Dukes

And a trunk full of the new Nomad Estelis with a side of cedarspills.

Where was I?

Ah, right, Chrustler’s ad… “Imported from Detroit”… anyone else’s eyes roll whenever they hear that?

The Nomad Estelis are imported.

The Ethiopian “funky bus” Kochere beans are imported.

Chrusty vans and wicked Challengers are shipped from one end of the Rust belt to whoever buys the momvans and muscle cars.

By the way, thank goodness the Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers etc are back to looking like (gasp) muscle cars instead of pvssywhipped fish that they were a decade or so ago.

Now if we could just get the designers all the way back to the eras of Shelby Cobras, Stingrays and the like, then we’d have real cars again. We’d probly have to import them from mexico but who cares.

3 Cigar books imported from… ha!… more like downloaded from nerds only know where after the bacon has changed hands.

Getcha some cigar quotes and such:

Adios and long ashes,


p.s. didya know 95% of the world’s consumers live outside the USA? Me either. What’s more incredible is this… only one, 1, uno percent of USA small biznesses are selling (aka exporting) to these customers… sheesh! we be slacking.

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