Got Seuss?

The order of the day is green eggs and… cake.

Today being the birthday of the late, great Dr Seuss, I say we join Horton and the Whos of Who-ville in a little celebrating.

Then again, they may have already banned smoking.

Not for lack of sanity and not even entirely,… but let’s face it, even the smallest coronas in our traveldors makes their Sequoia trees look like toothpicks.

And you thought it got a little smoky in the WPCC Herfsuite last year. Ha!


That stinky badass over on the hill.

Da’ Grinch.

Surely he partakes of tobacco and drink.

And so what if his soul reeks of banana peels and garlic… a dollar gets you two to say he’s got a Max working a conveyor system to bring him fresh coffee without lifting his fatarse outta the chair.

What’s that?

Yer too old to be imagining silly herfs with fictional characters?


Buzz off then,

Sir Moose
Duke of Smoke one for Doc Seuss

p.s. here’s some NON-fictional goodness for you, ya friggin buzzkill.

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