Havana Cigars

Havana Cigars: How They Are Made and Sold

Alright, here’s the scoop. This book is from the mouth of a former (aka long-gone) cigar manufacturer in Havana.

If you’ve enjoyed cigars for any length of time, it is likely you’ve heard about cuban cigars. From the fabled stories and history, the Cuban cigar – or more appropriately, Havana Cigars – will always have their place in the world of cigars.

This book is fully capable of at least two things: Info-taining you with a first-person view of how the famed Havana Cigars were made back in the day. And, transporting you back in time and off to the Caribbean.

So grab yourself a copy and light up a good cigar – put up your feet and be on your way back in time to the olde cigar factories in Havana.

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