Hearing the sounds of silence

My brother got a new set of hearing aids earlier this month.

I’m long long overdue for a new set of my own but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Anyways, he’s dealing with the usual adjustment period of getting used to the new ones because the most obvious and immediate difference is always how quiet they are.


New tech makes new hearing aids make things quieter.

Doesn’t make much sense at first blush, does it? But, it’s true. And makes hearing a lot easier.

It’s probably a whole different area of tech than what Big Smoke Dan’s involved with but what happens is these things cut down the background noise so you – the wearer – can hear what matters.

Like the chick next to you telling you her phone number, or better yet, the address of the cigar shop she wants to show you.

the caveat? (No, not Cavit, that’s good wine – and the Pinot Noir is delish). The downside of the hightech dimmer switch is some background noise is the stuff we wanted to hear.

This tends to piss my brother off way more than me but i can relate – he’s got a friend, she’s a concert pianist and i don’t know if she was playing mp or FFF but he said the new aids musta thought she was background noise.


Oh well, good thing we can open the lids to let the 88 keys go louder.

Now, I don’t smoke cigars while tickling the ivories – with the stuff I play, it’d just be a distraction – but if I did, it’d probably be a Nomad Connie Fuerte. Pun intended.

And there’s the curtain.

Sir Moose
Duke of the Baby Grands

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