Herfin in Mini St Paul et al

Our Minnesota brothers of the leaf have something to root for this weekend.

Seems 8 of their pollies are doing a nice bit of spring cleaning and that includes cutting Minnisoda’s cigar tax from a double gordo down to the level of petite nuisance.

From 3.50 per cigar to just 50 cents.

Which is a helluva nice change since you figure most of the good cigars on the market today are in the 4-8$ range.

Naturally, the few and very annoying opponents of such a thing are whining and crying out their usual blabbering stupid. No need to repeat their nonsense here; only Grade-A bullshit is allowed here.

That said, it makes you chuckle that some fellow humans can be so damnably dumb… check out the story at halfwheel or even cigar authority if you want more detail and/or to poke fun at the idiots who cry in their cold bland soup over tax cuts.

I for one am glad to see a bill like this; here’s hoping it and more like it start passing with flying colors.

Long ashes,
Self-proclaimed Publisher in Chief

p.s. a slight correction on yesterday’s missive; there will be new coffees available this year, but, no guarantees that any will be called Donky Nutz or Gorilla Brew… Details forthcoming.

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