Hop to it

Didya know kangaroos can breathe easier when they’re hopping vs standing still?

’tis true.

Has to do with them only using muscles to inhale and their insides being jounced around by bouncing pushes the air out for them. Bonus – the faster they go, the easier it is for them to breathe.

Good thing we do just fine sitting on our keisters.

All that hopping and racing around would play all kinds of hell on our cigar smoking. Least of all, we’d never get an even burn.

All those years ago when we took a trip down to Australia, we hit a couple of the animal parks.

Think petting zoo but with koalas, kangaroos and all sorts of interesting animals walking around or in the case of the Crocs, at least an arm’s length and strong fence away. The Red Roos were also in their own special area – they’re the badasses; the brown ones (i’ve got a few pics of us hanging out with them) the brown ones are as docile as cats and dogs. Anyways, kangas and koalas are as prevalent Down Under as the blasted deer population is here.

they’ve even got koala and kangaroo signs along the roads like we have deer crossing ones…

I bring that trip up because the hullabaloo about another exotic continues to fill the news.

Cuban cigars.

“When can we get ’em?”

“Are they gonna be worth the wait?”

“Are they gonna flood the market?”

Etc etc…

I’m no good at predicting the future – neither have the weather babes been recently – but one thing I hope to do is get some Havana Cigarmakers to sign copies of the books we have available here at HQ.

come to think of it, it’d be cool if they got ahold of the quotes book and wrote in some of their favorite quotes too. *that is, when the paperback versions become available… signing the kindle versions might be problematic.

We’ll see.

Depends heavily on what’s allowed to get mailed back and forth between here and the Pearl of the Antilles.

if you need a kindled copy of the books, get ’em here, and keep and eye on these emails as you’ll be the first to know when the paperbacks are available and if customs is gonna let us have some fun with autographs and such.

Long ashes and puddle jumper flights,
Sir Moose
Chief Petitioner for the return of Sexy Airline Stewardesses

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