How to avoid committing email douchebaggery

Odds are pretty good you’ve heard of the 4-Hour Workweek.

Well, the book at least.

Even with the 80/20 principle in effect, 4 hours a week just aint enough.

4 hour workdays?… Now we’re talking. But that’s a topic for another day.

Last night in between coffee and some tobacco, I read some of Tim “4hour” Ferriss’ nonsense about email efficiency. The motivation was okay, effecient use of your time and all that but the the method he suggested was, shall we say, off-kilter.

Included in the novel length email (I didn’t read the whole thing but the scroll bar said all it needed about the length), included in the monster email was not 1 but 3 templates/examples of automated emails you can use (to piss everyone off) in your efforts to tell the world you are only checking your emails once or twice a day.

Again, noble motive.

But screwed up when it comes to execution.

I myself should check the inbox less often. In fact later this month, i’ll be forced down to a single daily check of the box while I’m outta the office for two straight weeks.

But I sure as algae in a springfed lake am not gonna shove a relentless supply of automated replies down everyone’s throat when that happens.

That’s. just. dumb.

What will happen during those 2 weeks of limited computer time is this… I’ll load up the email machine with your almost daily dose of this nonsense you’ve come to know and enjoy and it’ll send out the daily dosage as if I were pressing the button in person. And. If you do write in, I’ll check it when i can and reply personally when I can.

Kinda like postal mail, eh? Back when etiquitte and commonsense were still in decent supply.

By the way, Big Smoke Dan’s been sending some real gems in lately – you’ll see what I mean later this month when his comments appear here.

On that note, smoke ’em if ya got ’em cuz it’s 262’sday!



p.s. speaking of 262Cigars, hadda 2fer262 on a long drive this weekend. Revere Corona to start the drive and finished it off with Trish’s favorite foreplay in a box, the Ideology Corona.

*in the interest of clarity, I’m not dissing Tim Ferriss whole-hog, just his/this idea of automatic replies repeatedly stating what’s (should be) a bit obvious when you don’t get an instantaneous email reply.

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