It’s a 5 Things Monday

5 Things: 1st Munday Sprung edition

‘cuz my brain hasn’t caught up to the clocks, that’s why.

Here we go

1. Coffee:

Hot on the heels of the yet another string of ‘coffee is really really good for you’ news stories, comes the publicity-grabbing suggesting that New England toddlers love their coffee too.

My only thoughts are a resounding, Duh! and So What?

It’s just a sip of mum’s latter or whatever her java fix of the day is. It’s not gonna hurt the kiddos to have a taste.

2. Science credits foamy head

Science finally figures out why coffee spills more often than beer. First off, if you spill either beverage then your friends had better send your arse to the corner with a big dunce hat and a ‘kick me i can’t hold a mug upright’ sign on yer back.

It also begs the question… if you’re in such a hurry you can’t keep the coffee from spilling… a) chill out, and/or b) skip the coffee, have a cigar in the manchair, relax and then have some coffee.

3. Lancero slut to give up his left nut?

Ludacris would give his left nut to smoke a lancero cigar…

Dude, just call up Joe at Slippery Rock Cigars and get some on order. Oh, the Nomad Connecticut Fuertes and the 262Cigars lanceros come highly recommended.

And yes, I’ve already sent the Lancero Sluts picture to Ludacris. I’ll send him some of the stickers too if he gets an address to me.

4. Keggin’ it.

Gonna have to tap the internet for more on this story. Commune & Co. is using beer kegs (and the requisite Nitrogen pressurization) to brew coffee.


“Dude. Whatcha got in the keg?”

‘Remedio Cubano’

“Uh, what??”

‘It’s coffee you lush. The Yuengling is in the other keg.’

5. Big

And finally, the mammoth Mall of America in Minnesota might be getting a bigger baby sister in North Miami.

No word on which will be worse, the A/C bill in the Miami mall or the heating bill in Minnie-St.Paul…

That’s it.

Go download the latest episode of Blowin’ Smoke and for the love of ligero, don’t spill yer coffee.

Duke of yeah, sure, let’s make evenings lighter by making morning commutes darker

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