It’s a bag bottom delight

Every now and again, coffee consumers the world over have just a little bit of this bag and a little bit of that blend left.

Not enough for a cup o’coffee by themselves… so blended they will be.

This weekend, a rarity of rarities occurred.

3 separate ‘bags’ of coffee were getting low.

The rarity?

two of the coffees were already in the third. Well, at least their countries were.

item 1) a blend of Ethiopian and Peruvian coffees – bastards didn’t give the exact varietals but i digress.

item dos) a blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, La Florida Peru, and Guatemalan Huehuetenango. The cocoa aroma was strong with this one.

and item 3) Peru.

Got a fair bit of the peruvian left but the first two were definitely at bag-bottom levels of damnit it’s almost gone.

Mix together. Scoop out requirements for today’s drinkage… sheet!… not enough for three cups.

Add some straightup Peruvian.

And what we have here is an epic bagbottom delight.

No fewer than 3 countries of origin.

Potentially 6 varietals.

And damn is it tasty.

Slightly muted version of the blend numero 2 mentioned above but you won’t hear me complaining.

And don’t worry, there’s still several pounds of unroasted coffee back at HQ.

5 kinds to be exact – two of them (including the Guatemalan Gesha) are down to several ounces but still, all is well with the coffee situation here.

Not to mention it’s a 262’sday.

You know what to do.

Oh, and before I go, Congrats to the basta… er…, brother of the leaf who won a – what was it, a years supply – of cedar freaking spills.

Way to go, Officer Paul!


The rest of us will just go get our own from our favourite spillsmaster, Tom.

It’s snowing, and the coffee cup is empty again, i’m outta here.


p.s. Cedar spills are awesome.

p.p.s. 262’sday should be a national (and weekly) holiday

p.p.p.s. that is all.

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