Kites, showers and flowers

Ah, the old gradeschool lyrics with a side of reality.

March comes in like a lion and out like a can o’ whoopass.

I know, i know, that’s not how the phrase goes but it sure fits this past March to a ‘tee’.

Up next? April showers,… for the next ten or so days in a row.

Come on Madam Nature, I wanna fly my friggin trick kite sometime this year!

My Dad has one of those wicked cool trick kites and plenty of wide open pastures to let it loose in. He bought it from Duluth Trading Co (i think) and the wingspans gotta be at least 4 foot; two handholds with a pair of lines each.

Bugger can give you a quick lift if the wind gets too hearty.

Anyways, it’s been in its storage bag since last April cuz nobody in their right mind flies a kite in freezing weather – not to mention snow – so here’s hoping the typical March kite-flying season rolls over into April. Assuming there are a couple breaks in the proverbial April Showers.

And for some reason the words May flowers always reminds me of the Mayflower Madam.

It’s an interesting read, and one of presumably many nicknames for Sydney Biddle Barrows, the rather attractive woman who once ran a high-end escort biz in New York.

The oldest profession in the world…

Moving on, ’tis wednesday, and April Fool’s day no less.

So play a joke or three and for pete’s sake, pull up a chair and have some coffee and a cigar or two.

I don’t have any jokester stuff available here – just a coupla books about cigars and the like.

If you want some prankster stuff,… 1) little late to ship in time for April Fool’s jokes, and 2) the great and wonderful Amazoodle is sure to have some silliness you could get shipped in time for some weekend shenanigans.

Cigar books and stuff from the Mind of Moose

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