Kittens, cards,… kaboom?

Another bit o’ kickstarter news for you.

This one lands safely in the weird news department.

Exploding kittens.

A card game…

“attracted a record 219,382 Kicstarter backers, and received the third highest funding ever with $8.78 millyun.”

Good. Night. Nurse!

That averages out to almost 40$ donations per backer – that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone spent 6 cigars worth of munny on a card game but geez, quarter million people publicly said, “i like kittens.

Wonder if Fred “@Godfadr” Rewey is one of the backers – kinda doubt it since well, the meanest thing I’ve seen him do is post pictures of warm sunny latin america while we’re freezing our ashes off up here. I don’t even want to know what the temps got down to for our buddies up in Canada.

Gotta go.

I’ll check out this booming kittens game and see if we need to pick up a few packs for Rewey.

Sir Moose
Duke of Euched

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