Later than Wonderland’s Rabbit

Later than Wonderland’s Rabbit

Today’s nonsense is later than usual.

But not quite as late as the rabbit in Alice’s Wonderland and certainly not in as big a hurry as he.

Was definitely in a tobacco wonderland yesterday.

Work had me on a courier duty of sorts – needed to swap components and product with a vendor and the meeting spot was 10 minutes east of Klafter’s.

I’ll give you an invisible cigar if you guess what direction I went after getting what our shop supervisor sent me to pick up…

There are few places where it’s actually enjoyable to get lost. And the massive humidor at Klafter’s be one of them.



Mucho aroma de tobacco.

Wanted some Leccia Blacks and Whites but the only open boxes were the 5×52’s – too cold out and too short a commute for that size. Grabbed a handful of smaller sticks instead, including a couple Oliva Connecticuts for some commutor snackage and after lighting up one of the Olivas on the way home…

wish i’d grabbed a few more.

tasty little buggers with a nice creamy smoke.

And that’ll do for today. Off to lunch after I see if dumping coffee on the clock will speed up the afternoon.

Long ashes,
Sir Moose
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p.s. Beware the Queen of Spades

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