Now this is a motion I can second

The time is now 262’o’clock
Gentlemen, you may smoke!

A daily announcement like that would sound just about as good as the final bell and your prehistoric coworkers yelling “Yabba Dabba DOO!”

Get this,

a recent writeup in men’s fitness magazine answered the question of whether or not to have that afternoon cuppa coffee. The snippet below is paraphrased slightly but their point is left intact.

The gist of their point is don’t feel guilty about that 3 pm cup of coffee… the 2-4pm hours are nicknamed the afternoon malaise for a reason… so is it good for you to power through with a 3 o’clock cuppa joe? Actually, yes. Caffeine in the afternoon improves your cognitive something-or-other and increases energy… just skip the dammed sugar. (if you’re drinking Torcedor Coffee you won’t need sugar anyways – it’s beyond delicioso when brewed straightup and black).

Afternoon sugar fix bad.

Afternoon coffee good.


Another coffee benefit is the ritualization (and here’s the quotable): Taking time out to do something relaxing and enjoyable can benefit productivity.


Hot damn if they didn’t just make our argument for a 262’o’clock cigar break.

Smoke’m if ya got’em

And hava cup of Torcedor Coffee or two while you pledge Allegiance to the 262’o’clock herf.



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