Oy to the U. N. Owens

Gratuitous reference to the A. Christie novel, “Ten Little Indians”.

Earlier this week or last, I mentioned the news about guvnerr ‘papa turd’ wolf wanting to take a nasty 40% bite out of our cigar budgets via even more taxes on our tasty hobby. And while his endgame is unknown, I’d hazard a guess it ain’t the direction we’d like to see things go.

As an aside, the shenanigans some of these elected puppets do on a regular basis makes you wonder just who is pulling the strings? Them? Or is there someone behind the curtain yanking their strings and making them dance to some sinister plan?

That question’s probably too deep for a Cretin like me so let’s move on…

Joe from Slippery Rock Cigars sent out an email yesterday linking to one of those pages where you can send a letter to the reigning evil under the sun… er… elected officials and collectively tell the head of the commonwealth, “Dude, wtf? Enough with the taxes already”.

Well, maybe not in those words but the idea is the same.

I’ve already written in to our local rep, Mike Kelly, about this last week. He was receptive to my previous request regarding the eff-dee-ays powergrab a while back; and i trust he’ll be as receptive this time to my concerns.

Anyways, if’n yer in Pennsyltucky, write to your elected dudes and bettys – it’s their job to listen but we have to speak up in order for them to listen.

Not trying to be a debbiedowner here but let’s be honest, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Ah, almost forgot, here’s that link Joe sent out to his mailing list the other day. It’s easy and fast. Took me all of 60 seconds.

The quiet ones get ignored until it’s too late.

Smoke’m if ya got’m,
Duke of the Coolest American Demographic

p.s. for some rules that are a much more enjoyable and possibly goofy read – go here.

p.p.s. I’m gonna send wolfy a copy of that book once it’s printed, not because I think he’ll actually read it but it’ll be a fun, not so subtle dig.

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