Boxload of Cigar Quotes — Kindle Book

Who needs google when you can get 200+ cigar quotes in one place. Famous quotes, infamous and even a couple cruel quotes. Available exclusively on Amazon.

Havana Cigars: How They Are Made and Sold — Kindle Book

A very oldie but a goodie, straight from the mouth of a former (aka long-gone) cigar manufacturer in Havana.

Twelve Golden Rules for Cigar Smokers — Kindle Book

Short, sweet and funny book of olde “rules” for Cigar Smokers.

Saddleback Leather:

Some of the best looking leather bags and goods you could possibly find. And Dave (the owner) is known for posting lots of fun videos of his travels.

Torcedor Coffee:

The best part of Torcedor Coffee, other than their delicious coffees, is they roast to order. Twice a month, they roast your coffee and immediately ship it to you. That means your coffee is fresh, aromatic and delicious…not old and stale like what you find at the local supermarket or coffee chain.

Coasters, Magnets and Stickers Etc…

Got Uguatagandan, Mind of Moose magnets, sticker and coffee coasters available via cafe press. Even more designs and stuff coming soon.

Lancero, Herf, and Moose Stickers

The Herfing Moose, logo and Lancero Sluts stickers are $4 each or buy any 3 for $10. Free Shipping. I have limited stock of each here at headquarters so get ’em while you can. To order these, send me an email via the Contact Us page and I’ll send you the order link.

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