Quicker than quick

The speed of the hours and days this week are making it stoopidly tricky to keep my word.

Reminds me of the quote found at the bottom of this morning’s fax from Bizniz Digest…

“Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence”. – U. N. Owen said that. And it would’ve come in handy back in highschool when front-of-class speaking was hell on earth.

Anyways, it’s a good thing guys like you only keep track of how much or many cigars, coffees and choice beverages you have on hand – cuz i’ve missed the ‘unofficial’ publishing hour almost as often as a Cretin playing tee-ball in an aircast.

Terrible analogy but it was a funny image.

5 things Irish?

I’ll get to that,… sometime this month. Which, as alluded to earlier has gone quicker than quick.

Mind-bogglingly quick.

The upshot of course is outdoor smoking season is upon us, it’s thursday (i think) and Nomad is still alive in the Cigar Madness brackets.

U. N. Owen? Yeah, he’s gotta few pieces of real estat in the Boxload of Cigar Quotes book. It’s still just Kindlized. Paperbacking this was one of many tasks March was supposed to see get done.

If you prefer to skip Amazoodle and get the kindle book directly, or pre-order the paperback version, give me a shout.

eta on the paperback is tax day or sooner.

long ashes and mind the windscreens for your late march outdoor herfin’


Boxload of Cigar Quotes

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