Relax, it’s just a cigar

Dear Forbes reporter,

If I or a fellow Cretin spotted Mark Cuban smoking a cigar…

We would not be bitching and moaning like the peeps in your recent article. Hell, before you could say ‘medical advice’, I’d already have asked Cuban if I could join him, asked whatcha smoking, and have a cedar spill roasting and toasting the foot of a 262 Ideology.

A corona, since apparently the risk of idiots trying to rip cigars outta our mouths would make protecting a longer lancero rather tricky.

Double friggin’ standards and agendas.

No wonder people would rather watch comedy; at least it’s funny even when it makes you cringe.

Better stop there before it gets ugly…

Enjoy the Good Friday and celebrating a Sunday that changed everything for everyone.

Long ashes,

Commonwealth Cedar Spills

Clint Aaron’s Finest, 262 Cigars

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