St Patrick’s yester-Day

You know you had a busy monday when you show up on 262’sday and wonder why half the office is wearin’ green.

And what’s more, 262’sday flew by before firing off the usual emails. Call me a slacker if you want to, but I doubt i’ll hear it. Hearing aids are still on the table.


Kegs and eggs d… er St Patrick’s Day.

To be fair, i don’t know half the story behind the holiday, and if you’re in the same boat – two words – google search. Yeah, i know, you’re too busy looking up cat videos and claiming it’s an assignment from the GodFadr and while that’s not all too hard to believe, you better have already cast your votes for Nomads et al in the Cigar Madness brackets.

I think it’s Cigar Federation doing that but you’ll have to refer to the latest Nomad emails for those deets.

Gotta run.

Keep an eye out for an afternoon delight with 5 Things Irish.

Be anywhere, be Nomad.



p.s. Surgeon General says smoking tobacco is bad for you… sure dude, whatever you say; now be a gent and pass me that cedar spill and the matches.

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