The dude, his wife and a sexy woman at the pool

Telling stories about days at the pool is a little like telling fishing stories.

Always some element of truth to them but the embellishments make ’em more fun to tell and hear.

Last night at the pool… no embellishment needed.

What’s needed is a friggin note pad to keep a half dozen or so stories sorted, but for today, you’ll hear the funniest one of the evening.

Goatboy and el Freako will cry, “pictures, dammit!” but I’ll remind them they both know where the pool is and well, it’s their own damn fault for not being there more often.

Anyways, it was really nice out, and whole buncha regulars came for a swim.

Including one of the more… let’s just say if Freako asked me to handle 5 Things duties during his podcast with the topic of “Most attractive women at the pool”… this chica muy bonita would make the list.

No ifs, ands or butts.

So here’s the setup. It was right around the time of evening when the crowd usually starts thinning out, brats and punks bailing out for Pizza Joes, families leaving to go catch dinner, or whathaveyou… and the sexy senorita makes her way up the deck to talk with one of the offduty guards since he’d just gone on break.

They’re standing and talking behind the middle guard chair and 3 or 4 feet away some poor chap (with way too much willpower, or maybe a really short leash) is fully turned and facing away from chica bonita.

He’s sitting there, staring off at some random spot on the wall by the deep end of the pool.

Dude even had his periphial vision angled completely away from her.


Maybe ‘cuz the dude’s wife was sitting right next to him.

Me? I’ve got a perfect view of all of this going on and trying hard not to laugh my ass right outta the chair 6′ in the air.

Why am I telling you all this?

1, cuz it’s funny

2, it’s quite a scene to imagine and

3, to bust Kyle’s chops for skipping out on the pool last night.

I still can’t believe the dude didn’t even sneak one peek.

Oh well. His loss.

‘A woman is a woman, and a cigar is a cigar. Give me both and i’ll bring around a car.’

Not bad for coming up with that one on the fly.

It’s not in the new book, A Boxload of Cigar Quotes, but there’s a whol’ bunch of other quotes in there.

Smoked out the cybergremlins last night, got the order buttons ready and even got a few discount codes set up for you and your brethren of the leaf.

Boxload makes the third book available here at HQ. And if you want to grab all three (kindle) books, use this code for a celebratory offer –> B2G1

It’s not case sensitive but you gotta have 3 books in the cart for it to work.

Just want the new Boxload book? Maybe it and just one of the other two available? No problemo, there’s a code for you too.


Again, NOT case sensitive but spell it right and it’ll knock $2 fungolas off the price.

Kyle got his copy last night and reminded me of something I’d written after a certain president’s quote… was just a simple, honest comment. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Gotta run,


Go check out the books here.

p.s. the notgonnalook, notgonnalook dude’s wife? She’s a looker too, so at least he’s got that going for him, but I sure hope she’s a bit like Goatboy’s better half, Rach, who’s known to call out the hot women she sees when they’re out and about. “Hey Kyle, did you see the skirt on that babe?” – “What? Where?” – “Over there. Look!”.

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