The engineer’s afterlife

Been a while since we had a 2-fer-262’sday.

So with a thank you to my acquaintance Flor McCarthy (a lawyer across the pond), here ya go.


An engineer arrives at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter says “sorry, your names not down, I’m afraid you’re for the other place, you know, down below.”

So off the engineer goes to Hell.

A while later God comes along and asks Peter if he’s seen an engineer. Peter says “yes but he wasn’t on the list, so he went to hell”

God said “no, there’s been a terrible mistake, that man spent his whole life doing good works to help people with his useful skills I was expecting him”

So God gets on the phone to Satan “Lucifer, there’s been a mix up, that engineer who went down to your place the other day, he was meant for here.”

Satan says “Oh no, he’s settled right in, I’ve got air conditioning in my office now, we have escalator to keep everyone else moving swiftly towards the flames and all the little tridents for poking people are now automatically sharpened.”

God says “You know he’s not meant for there Satan, send the engineer back up here.”

Satan says “No, what are you going to do about it.”

God says “Send the engineer back or I’ll sue”

Satan drops the phone from laughing and then picks it up and says, still laughing into the phone, “Sue? Where are you going to find a lawyer?”


Blasphemous? Perhaps…

Funny? Oh yeah.



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