‘they’ elected the enemy

My uncle brought up an interesting point a few months back.

Certainly a question worth pondering if the wtf actions of pollies and ticks gets you going.

Pennsyltucky’s newly elected guv’nor, wolf, got lucky. It’s my uncle’s belief that corbett’s loss is heavily attributed to his handling/mishandling of the jerry ‘soap em up’ sandusky fiasco in Happy Valley. And he added that all corbett really needed to do was point out that wolf was just another B.O. clone.

Had corbett done that even on a junior varsity level, we might not have a new guv’nor threatening a 40% tax on cigars.

For a quote unquote businessman, wolfy sure has a farked up view of how to keep businesses, jobs and money flowing into the state he represents.

Halfwheel has the scoop right here.

Odds are you have as little interest in polly-ticks as I do. And odds are you also find it so far beyond the realm of common-sense for these elected fools to push their personal agendas day in and day out.

Hell, the immigrants who are studying our history and taking their citizenship tests would be better public servants than the sheeple like wolf and co. At least they’d have the sense to refer to the Constitution when they had a question about their roles in office and what they should/can and shouldn’t/can’t do.

Rant over.

Bug your local representatives and let him know the proposed 40% tax on cigars is utterly ridiculous.

Politely, of course. But you being a cigar smoker, you’d do that anyways.

Long ashes,
Sir Moose
Duke of no I’m not smoking… my cigar is.

p.s. thought this kind of absurd taxation was why we left Mother England all those years ago, and even dumped pissloads of tea into the harbor up north.

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