Viva la right to herf

Time for a 2fer 262’sday.

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Today’s episode spilled the beans on the story behind the name of his newest cigar (which is a tasty smoke).

I’m partial to the S307 corona and his new connecticut fuerte but that’s just me. Smoke ’em all and smoke more of what you like.

He also reminded of the link we cigar smokers can use to submit comments regarding the eff dee ays lust for more control.

You can leave said comments right here.

I left one a while back. it might not have been the best one but it’s one of thousands voicing our opinion about this.

Bottom line?

If we don’t speak up, ‘theyll’ say, “well gee, nobody said anything against it, so we figured nobody would mind the powergrab…”.

yeah, right.

You mind.

I mind.

Whole bunchofus mind very much.

But we gotta tell ’em that we mind.

Politely of course, cretins as we are, we’re patrons a hobby that’s got the moniker of a gentleman’s vice.

And wonder of all wonder’s, the potus (who’s hardly a fan of all things American), is hinting in our favor… hard to believe but if he does side with us and give us some pull, so be it.

Moving on,

Yesterday’s commute home… holy @#$^

I didn’t know it could rain that hard.

Had the wipers on helicopter speed and still could do little more than ‘feel’ for the road’s curb/shoulder to make sure I was still on the road.

Could’ve used that submarine car James Bond had in one of the early 007 movies. It was that. much. water.

Wetter than a Porn Actresses Convention discovering vibrators and dildos in the goodie bags they got at the door.

Gotta go,


Saddleback Leather

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