We need to chat with DJ Spatz

’twas only -69*L during the morning commute.

A 10 degree jump up from yesterday’s wrapper busting chill…

But worse than the weather was hearing the Y103 DJ think Tuesdays are the nothingest day of the week.


Has no one filled him in on the weekly holiday that is 262’sday?

I mean, it’s almost okay that he hasn’t been told about this, but it chaps the 262 lovin’ heart to hear him call think so lowly of a day we cherish.

I’ll be sending Spatzy a note to tell him the wonders of 262’sday.

I’d send him some cigars too but the ladies would freeze to death in the mails.

Too bad the office smoking days of Mad Men are long gone… me thinks an Ideology Corona would pair well with this cup of Burundi. Wonder if they’ll let me put an exhaust fan over my workspace…

Gotta go,
Chief Broken Ears,
VP of In-Office Smoking Lounges

p.s. Degrees L, as in the Lifeguard’s temperature scale. Protocol says our pool must close when air temps are less than 65*F… which makes 65*F my Zero, irrelevant to the rest of the world as that may or may not be. Total BS, I know, but hey, i promised that sort of thing when you signed up for this newsletter.

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