Why so syrias?

At the risk of sounding kind; the ladies of Latakia are part of a new cigar company.

I’m probably not even allowed to comment on this – thanks to diplomatic rules and all that – so if you wanna get the full scoop just google it.

As an engineering and bizniz type myself, it’s dissapointing that the only help they can get (training wise) is to watch videos of cuban rollers… which may or may not set them back in terms of skillsets. Of course, the “west” gets blamed for not helping.

Whether that’s earned or unearned, i wouldn’t know.

I cannot help them – again, probably forbidden from doing so – but i can tell you where to get some cuban bathroom reading.

Diplomatic BS aside, kudos to the company for giving the ladies of Latakia something new to learn, do and profit from. And while i have no idea how their puros will taste… you and I will probably never know… but hopefully their customers enjoy them.

Adios and vaya con coronas of 262Cigars,
Sir Moose
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Havana Cigars: How they were made and sold – emphasis on were made. Today’s cigarmakers de Habanos apparently forgot to read the global memo on continuous improvement…

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